Caring for Your Smartphone: 5 Easy Tips for Better Maintenance

Because owning a smartphone can be costly, it’s critical to safeguard your investment. You not only paid a hefty price for your device, but you also have to pay a monthly subscription charge to access the internet and use it as a phone. By taking care of it, you may extend the life of your phone and avoid common problems.

These are some of the greatest techniques to take care of your smartphone so that your data is safe and it lasts as long as feasible.

Secure Your Phone with a Sturdy Case from the Start

Imagine getting a new phone, and within days, it slips from your grasp, causing the screen to shatter. Initially, it might seem like a minor problem, but soon, the entire screen goes dark. Sadly, this scenario is common. While screen replacement is an option, it involves additional costs and time.

Protect your phone by investing in a case designed to shield it from drops. If you haven’t made a purchase yet, SUPCASE offers top-notch rugged cases tailored for Samsung, Google, iPhone, and OnePlus phones. These products are high-quality, tested, and crafted to endure falls. Steer clear of those inexpensive $5 gel cases found at the mall; they don’t provide the same level of protection. Additionally, consider getting a reliable screen protector to prevent scratches.

Secure Your Phone: Use a Password or Biometric Lock

Passwords provide an effective shield against prying eyes, even within your family. While it’s ideal for people to respect privacy, phone snooping is not uncommon. To safeguard your personal information, set up a password for your phone.

If you worry about the password being too predictable, consider using a biometric lock. However, be cautious with facial recognition, as someone might use your photo to unlock your phone. Opt for more secure options like using your thumbprint. If you’re genuinely concerned about unauthorized access, keep your phone within your sight.

Reboot Your Phone Regularly

It’s common to leave your smartphone on until the battery runs out, but this isn’t optimal for your device. Despite its portable nature, a smartphone is essentially a computer, and regular reboots are crucial for maintaining smooth operation.

Extended periods without rebooting can lead to memory issues, excessive heat, and numerous background applications running. Continuous operation may also impact battery life and overall performance negatively. Make it a habit to reboot your phone daily, or at least once a week, to keep it running efficiently.

Secure Your Data: Consider Encryption

While not everyone may need this, if your phone contains sensitive information, especially work-related data, encryption becomes crucial. It stands as the most effective way to safeguard such confidential data, surpassing the surface-level protection provided by passwords.

A password on your smartphone adds a layer of security, but it primarily applies to the device, not the hard drive. In reality, someone could remove the hard drive and access your data. Applications exist that can extract information and even force password resets. Hard drives lack built-in password protection.

For genuine data protection, encryption is essential. Encrypted data, even if stolen, remains unreadable without the decryption keys, offering a more robust level of security.

Battery Care: Preserve Your Phone’s Lifespan

While scratches may be tolerable, a diminishing battery life often prompts the search for a new phone. To avoid unnecessary expenses, take proactive steps to care for your battery.

Lithium-ion batteries fare best when partially charged. Avoid letting your battery drain to 0% or reach 100%, as these extremes cause the most stress. Aim to charge your phone to around 80% and refrain from letting it drop below 30%, if possible. Partial charging emerges as the key to extending your battery’s lifespan and maintaining optimal performance.

Maximize Your Smartphone’s Lifespan

If the thought of shelling out hundreds of dollars for a new phone every few years doesn’t appeal to you, consider giving your current device some extra care. While smartphones won’t last indefinitely, a bit of effort can extend their lifespan for many years.

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