Discover the Latest Wheelie Shoe Trends for 2023

If you’re in search of comfortable and stylish shoes that make navigating the streets a breeze, then wheelie shoes, or Heelys roller shoes, might be the perfect solution for you. Equipped with wheels in the heel, these shoes allow you to smoothly switch from walking to skating. You can find a variety of wheelie shoe styles at Spartoo, a top online shoe retailer.

Top 5 Wheelie Shoes Picks from Spartoo: Find Your Perfect Pair

HEELYS X Reebok BB4500

The X Reebok BB4500 Low has become a favorite among those who prioritize both style and comfort. Its contemporary black cloth upper adds an edgy touch to the shoe’s overall design. One of its unique features is the built-in wheel in the sole, providing a fun and faster way to get around. Despite this, the shoe doesn’t sacrifice comfort, thanks to its soft fabric lining and synthetic insole that ensures a secure and comfortable fit even during prolonged use. Additionally, the shoe’s excellent traction and durability make it ideal for outdoor activities. The versatile black cloth upper pairs well with different looks, from casual to sophisticated, and the Reebok logo on the side adds a touch of elegance to the shoe.


The Heelys Snazzy features a white synthetic upper that combines style, function, and comfort. It offers a cutting-edge mode of transportation without the need for traditional skates or skateboards. The shoe’s synthetic construction makes it easy to maintain and long-lasting, perfect for daily wear. The concealed wheel beneath the rubber sole stands out, and users can easily transition from rolling to walking by removing the wheel. The rubber sole ensures excellent traction and smooth rolling, while the synthetic footbed supports and comforts your feet. The practicality and comfort of the shoe make it perfect for prolonged use, and its sleek and modern appeal can go well with any outfit.

HEELYS Snazzy X2

Heelys continues to innovate with their latest addition to their collection, the Snazzy X2. The shoe features a sophisticated silver synthetic upper that adds a touch of class to the overall design and makes it easy to match with various outfits. The concealed wheel beneath the rubber sole and its fashionable style make it stand out, providing users with a unique form of mobility. The synthetic insole and soft fabric lining offer a comfortable fit, even during prolonged use, and the rubber sole ensures durability and excellent traction. The detachable hidden wheel allows users to switch between gliding and walking as desired. The Snazzy X2 is perfect for people of all ages who want to add a fun and exciting touch to their daily activities. With Heelys, walking becomes more than just transportation – it becomes a fun and enjoyable experience.

Heelys Split

Heelys has always been at the forefront of rolling footwear, and their latest product adds even more appeal. The newest addition to their line-up is a pair of wheelie shoes with a stylish white synthetic upper that offers a unique and distinctive way to travel. The rubber sole of these shoes incorporates a wheel that allows you to move without walking or running. The synthetic insole and soft fabric lining ensure that your feet remain comfortable even after prolonged rolling. These Heelys stand out from the crowd due to their fashionable white synthetic upper and sleek design. They look fantastic with any outfit, from casual jeans and t-shirts to more formal dress and jacket combinations, making them a versatile addition to any wardrobe. Despite their fashionable appearance, these Heelys are built to last. They feature a removable wheel, making it easy to switch between rolling and walking, and are made of durable materials that can withstand frequent use. In a world where walking is no longer practical, enjoyable, or fashionable, Heelys with a white synthetic upper offer a unique, practical, and entertaining alternative. Why walk when you can roll? Get a pair of these Heelys today and start gliding your way to success.

Heelys Pro 20 X2

The Heelys Pro 20 X2 is a fun and entertaining sneaker that offers a beneficial alternative to walking. The integrated wheel makes it an excellent choice for anyone looking for a new way to get around, as it allows you to move faster and more efficiently. Even at high speeds, the wheel is sturdy and secure due to its tight connection with the rubber sole of the wheelie shoes. With its comfortable interior and snug fit, the Pro 20 X2 is a great choice for those looking for both style and comfort. The sleek and modern black cloth upper of the Pro 20 X2 makes it a fashionable choice that goes well with various outfits. The interior of the wheelie shoes is equally impressive, with a soft and breathable fabric and a supportive cushioning synthetic insole, ensuring that your feet are comfortable and supported whether you’re rolling, walking, or standing. The Pro 20 X2’s easy-to-remove wheel allows you to switch between modes quickly, making it a versatile option for any situation. The Heelys Pro 20 X2 is a practical, comfortable, and stylish trainer that offers a unique mode of transportation to rollers. If you’re tired of walking and want to try something different, why not glide along in the Heelys Pro 20 X2?

In conclusion, Spartoo provides a diverse range of stylish and comfortable wheelie shoes for adults, catering to individuals of all ages and preferences.

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