Latest Updates on Envato Elements: Curated Collections and Recommended Music Tracks

At Envato, we constantly strive to enhance our products to offer the best experience to our users. To make Envato Elements the ultimate tool for creatives worldwide, staying current with the latest tools, technologies, and features is crucial.
In this blog post, we’re providing you with the most recent product updates, features, and functionalities available on Envato Elements. This way, you can stay at the forefront of innovation and simplify your creative workflow.

What is Envato Elements?

Envato Elements is the ultimate creative subscription service that offers everything you need for your creative projects at an affordable price. With a single subscription, you gain unlimited access to millions of top-quality creative assets, allowing you to download whatever you need, whenever you need it, as many times as you like. Whether you’re a designer, videographer, or anything in between, Envato Elements is your go-to tool for all your creative requirements.
So, what’s the latest on Envato Elements this month? We’re introducing exciting updates, including handpicked curated collections to spark your creativity, seamless integration of suggested music tracks to enhance your projects, and new features like Video Scrubber, Surfacing Related Items After Download, and the Similar Items Sidebar. Stay tuned for all the details on these fantastic additions to Envato Elements!

Envato Elements: What’s New in July 2023?

1.Discover Music Tracks Effortlessly

Ever fallen in love with the music in a video template? Now, finding that perfect track is a breeze. Say goodbye to endless searches because you can now download music directly from the video item page.

We’ve made it simpler for creators to find music tracks for their videos. Suggested Elements music tracks are now conveniently displayed alongside Video Templates. This means you can swiftly download the tracks featured in the video preview without any hassle. Not only does this save you loads of time, but it also helps you find music that perfectly complements your project.

2.Handpicked Curated Collections

What’s better than finding what you need? Not having to search for it at all! Dive right into Envato Elements’ new Curated Collections, handpicked by a team of experts and ready for you to download with just a click.

Curated Collections provide a personalized experience, featuring the highest quality content on Elements, handpicked especially for you. Our Elements team meticulously selects these items based on quality, relevance, and popularity. Curated Collections save you precious time and effort by presenting you with the latest and greatest content. They also encourage you to explore and discover new items and content types, expanding your creative horizons.

These collections are a boon for video creators as they contain everything from music tracks to sound effects and video templates, making it easier to find assets that complete your video projects.

3.Swift Video Previews with Video Scrubber

Want to breeze through more video previews quickly? Checking out videos has never been smoother with Elements’ new Video Scrubber. It’s designed to make finding the perfect video for your project a breeze. This feature allows video creators to easily scrub through video previews, providing a faster and more user-friendly way to review videos.
No more hovering your mouse and waiting through the entire preview. With Video Scrubber, you can easily move forward and backward at your own pace, making the preview process quicker and more convenient.

4.Discover Related Items After Your Download

We all have preferences! No more endless searches for similar items – our new related-items feature does the heavy lifting. It brings up relevant items related to what you’ve recently downloaded on Envato Elements.

Offering a more tailored experience, this feature suggests complementary recommendations to introduce you to new categories, authors, or content that align with your project. These gems might have remained hidden otherwise!

What’s more, it’s a fantastic source of inspiration for the next stage of your creative project. Related items provide a quick and convenient way to find the perfect assets, making your project completion more efficient.

5.Effortless Search with the Similar Items Sidebar

Want to explore items similar to your search without interrupting your scrolling? Well, now you can! The fresh “similar” icon, visible on item cards, activates a sidebar that displays items with similarities. This allows you to seamlessly browse search results and similar items without leaving your search journey. This feature saves you valuable time and effort, making it easy to discover similar assets without losing your place in search results or having to search for them separately. It also broadens your asset options, increasing the likelihood of finding precisely what you need by quickly comparing choices. This leads to faster decision-making and better-aligned item selections.


In conclusion, the recent enhancements to Envato Elements make it an even more indispensable resource for creative professionals. With features like suggested music tracks, curated collections, video scrubber, related items after download, and the similar items sidebar, Envato Elements continues to evolve to meet the diverse needs of its users. These updates not only save time but also foster creativity and efficiency in your projects. Envato Elements remains your go-to platform for a seamless and enriching creative experience.

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