October Activities in Singapore: What to Explore?

It’s true that October, right before the monsoon season, brings more rain compared to the months from June to September. You can expect heavy showers in the afternoon, which often clear the streets for an hour or two and help alleviate some of the city’s humidity.

But don’t let the rain deter you; Singapore in October offers a mix of both indoor and outdoor attractions, ensuring you have plenty to keep you entertained. What’s more, the reduced number of travelers means you can enjoy a great value stay. With a jam-packed schedule of events, you’ll soon realize that the off-season in Singapore is far from dull.

October in Singapore? Why Not!”
Is October a good time to visit Singapore? Absolutely yes! Here’s why…

Exciting Cultural Celebrations

Don’t worry about the occasional October rain in Singapore; it won’t dampen the city’s vibrant cultural events. One of the most notable is the Nine Emperor Gods Festival. This Taoist celebration spans over a week and kicks off at East Coast Park. Devotees engage in rituals, washing religious artifacts at the Charn Mao Hern Kiu Huang Keng Temple, accompanied by the melodious sounds of gongs and mesmerizing lion dancers.

On a different note, Singapore’s Fall Fashion Week, held annually at the end of October, is a must-visit. Major Asian fashion houses showcase their latest collections to the public, with events taking place in malls all around the city.

As October draws to a close, Halloween takes the spotlight, becoming a massive hit in Singapore. Many popular attractions take on a spooky vibe, featuring ghostly ships sailing around Sentosa, nightclubs adorned with cobwebs, and fantastic costume balls.

And then there’s Oktoberfest. While far from its traditional home in Munich, Singapore knows how to throw a great party. Numerous bars, restaurants, and hotels participate with special menus and deals to celebrate.

Exploring the Great Outdoors

Mornings in October are the ideal time to venture outdoors in Singapore. The risk of rain showers is low, and the humidity hasn’t reached uncomfortable levels yet. This is the perfect opportunity to explore Singapore’s numerous outdoor attractions.

Consider heading to peaceful Pulau Ubin island for a unique activity not commonly associated with big cities – kayaking. Known for its traditional way of life, Pulau Ubin is abundant in flora and fauna, including some of Singapore’s last remaining mangrove forests. What better way to explore this natural beauty than by gliding through the waves in a kayak?

While true flight might be out of reach, SkyHelix Sentosa offers the next best thing. It’s Singapore’s highest open-air panoramic ride, with gondolas that reach almost 80 meters above the ground. The resulting views are breathtaking, spanning from the Southern Islands to Keppel Bay, and if you time it right, you can witness stunning sunsets.

Alternatively, take advantage of the dry weather by hopping on the open-top deck of a Big Bus Singapore. The two routes connect you to the most iconic landmarks in the Downtown area, and the informative commentary reveals layers of history with every stop.

Indoor Attractions You Can’t Miss

Singapore’s finest indoor attractions offer a perfect escape from occasional showers, but they’re worth exploring no matter the weather. The Asian Civilizations Museum is a treasure trove of artifacts, covering diverse themes from Islamic art to Indian religions.
One of its standout features is the remnants of the Tang shipwreck, dating back to AD 830. Its cargo holds a stunning collection of 60,000 items, predominantly beautifully adorned pieces of blue and white porcelain.

Delving beneath the sea, the S.E.A Aquarium is home to 100,000 animals spanning 1,000 species from 50 different habitats, including manta rays and clown fish. The dedicated Shark Seas Habitat hosts over 200 enigmatic predators, such as silvertip, lemon, and hammerhead sharks.
If you’re more interested in meeting celebrities than sharks, head to Madame Tussauds Singapore. This world-renowned museum boasts lifelike wax figures of famous individuals, from Jackie Chan to Taylor Swift. Ticket holders can also enjoy the actor-led Images of Singapore show, Singapore’s only indoor boat ride, and the thrilling Marvel 4D Experience.

Unforgettable October Evenings in Singapore

The Gardens by the Bay complex is a breathtaking sight at any time of the day, and it’s just as enchanting in any weather. Thanks to its two massive glasshouses, the Flower Dome and Cloud Forest, and the otherworldly Supertree Grove, it’s a must-see. Each evening, the gardens come alive with the Garden Rhapsody show, a captivating light and sound extravaganza with a different theme each month. The show takes place at 7:45 and 8:45 PM daily and is free to attend.

Singapore’s hawker centers offer another evening adventure for your itinerary. Forget any misconceptions about subpar goods; Singapore’s hawkers are skilled chefs serving up delicious, budget-friendly dishes. Take a seat at a communal table and savor a meal with locals who call Singapore home.

For a more unique evening experience, visit the Night Safari, the world’s first nocturnal zoo. It provides a glimpse into the lives of creatures that are typically hidden from view. State-of-the-art lighting mimics moonlight in its four distinct zones, allowing visitors to observe an array of animals, from Asian elephants to the critically endangered Sunda pangolins. Staying up for this adventure is truly rewarding!

Why You Should Consider Visiting Singapore in October?

Singapore in October offers a fantastic blend of events, a wide array of both indoor and outdoor attractions, and, contrary to rumors, pleasant weather for exploration. Moreover, you can anticipate cost-effective airfares during the off-season.

For an even more budget-friendly Singapore adventure in October, don’t miss Go City’s specially crafted All-Inclusive and Explorer passes. These passes grant you discounted access to many of Singapore’s premier attractions, helping you stretch your travel budget further. That’s Go City, making your money work harder!

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