Surfshark Launches Webcam Protection – A New Antivirus Feature

At Surfshark, we’re always looking for new ways to make your online experience safe and secure. We don’t just protect your internet data; we also care about your personal information. This time, we’ve turned our attention to a new online danger – the small camera that’s always watching you, known as a webcam.

Why do you need webcam protection?

You need webcam protection because hackers can take control of your camera, just like they can with apps on your device. Once they access your webcam, they can watch you all the time and collect sensitive information.

In the world of online security, hacking into webcams is called camfecting. This means infecting your camera with harmful software and using it to spy on you remotely. Criminals use special software that lets them use your camera without any signs, like the small LED light that usually shows when your camera is on.

It might sound like something from a scary movie, but the scariest part is that hackers accessing webcams is a real problem that even inspires scriptwriters.

How can my webcam be hacked?

When we talk about how hackers can access your webcam, all attention is on you (not literally, we hope).

One way you might unintentionally give access to your device is by falling for a phishing attack that looks real. Here’s how it works: you click on a link that’s filled with harmful software, and without you knowing, it installs a virus that takes control of your webcam.

Another way your webcam’s security can be compromised is by downloading apps that seem legitimate but are actually filled with harmful software. You might think you’re getting a harmless game, but if it’s infected with malware, it can do harmful things on your device without your knowledge.

It’s often hard for the average person to tell which apps are safe and which could be dangerous. That’s where Surfshark Antivirus software comes in – it identifies these harmful apps and makes sure your webcam stays secure.

Is Webcam Protection Necessary Alongside Antivirus Software?

Certainly, it’s a good idea. Even better, consider getting an antivirus with webcam protection right away. Here’s why:

1.Malicious Apps:

Sometimes, seemingly harmless apps can have hidden malware. Your antivirus may not catch this, but these apps can secretly send your webcam data to hackers.

2.Trusted Apps Can Be Vulnerable:

Even the apps you trust can have weaknesses in their code. Hackers can exploit these vulnerabilities by adding harmful software. A regular antivirus might not detect these changes, putting your personal data at risk.

3.Maintaining Webcam Privacy:

Webcam protection is designed to spot these sneaky changes in your camera’s behavior that a typical antivirus might miss.

So, consider adding webcam protection to ensure your camera’s privacy and security.

How does webcam protection work?

In simple terms, webcam protection software keeps your camera safe from unauthorized access. It watches over which apps are trying to use your camera and stops any unauthorized attempts.
Here’s how different antivirus software may work:

1.App Scans:

Some antivirus programs regularly check apps to see if they are safe to access your camera. If an app is not trustworthy, it gets blocked.

2.User Control:

Others might ask you to choose which apps can access your camera and keep an eye on the rest.
Surfshark’s antivirus, for example, combines both methods, giving you more control over your camera’s security.

Now, let’s see how to set up Surfshark Antivirus Webcam Protection:


You’ll need an active Surfshark One subscription and the Surfshark app installed on your device.

2.App Setup:

Open the Surfshark app, go to the Antivirus section, and pick the apps you trust to access your camera. Make sure you download these apps from official sources and that Surfshark Antivirus doesn’t flag them as malicious.

3.Adding Apps Later:

If you forget some apps or want to add more later, no worries. You can do that anytime.

4.No Trusted Apps:

If you don’t select any apps as trusted, no app will be allowed to use your camera.

Once everything is set up, only the apps you’ve chosen can use your camera. If an untrusted app tries to access your camera without your permission, you’ll get a notification.

For more details, Surfshark provides a step-by-step guide on how to use their Antivirus Webcam Protection.

Final thought: Should you activate webcam protection?

Absolutely. While covering your webcam can be a smart move, it’s not always convenient. It’s essential to take all the steps to safeguard your online identity and prevent potential problems down the road. If you’re unsure where to begin, consider giving Surfshark Antivirus Webcam Protection a try!

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