Tried and tested rug cleaning tips to make your task easierTried and tested rug cleaning tips to make your task easier

Area rugs are an excellent option to warm up the floors. Moreover the range of décor items comes with vibrant colours and captivating patterns to lift the aesthetics of any space. It creates zones within your indoors to break the monotony. But there is a flip side to these décor items. These are easily prone to catching up with stains and debris. Therefore it is important to know the proper techniques to clean area rugs.

In the following sections of the blog post let us discuss few important things on how to clean an area rug. Important thing to consider in this context is if you do not clean it in the right way, then it may easily get damaged. Before you go on cleaning the item it is crucial for you to know the type of material that the rug is made of. The strategy to clean area rugs often depends upon the kind of fabric or material one is made up of. If you do not know precisely the type of material your rug is formed of then you may not be able to select the appropriate cleaning procedure. That in turn could damage it beyond repair. On the other hand when you choose the right cleaning strategy you contribute extending the life of your prized décor item.

Basic care tips for area rugs

Skilled and experienced professionals providing rug cleaning Service Near Me in London have few tips to share on basic care for your area rug. According to them the size, material and the type of weaving are three vital factors that determine the best possible way to clean any area rug. As far as large rugs are concerned, their care and maintenance are as “wall to wall” carpets.

Vacuuming is an effective means to get rid of dust from large area rugs

How do you get rid of dirt from carpets? The common answer is regular vacuuming. So it is with large area rugs too. You have to vacuum it a regular and short intervals to clear out dirt trapped into the fabric. If your rug is reversible then you must vacuum both the sides. This proves effective removing grime and grit from it. If this grime and grit are not removed regularly these will sure wear your rug down much prematurely. While vacuuming you have to make sure not to vacuum any fringe. It is also important to turn off the beater bar while vacuuming a rug.

Pet hair need to be brushed out

If you have any pet in your household then you must be little cautious while cleaning your carpets. Vacuum cleaners are not so effective in removing pet hair from any rug fabric. You cannot rely much on a vacuum on this aspect. Even the vacuums that have the most powerful suction do not prove much helpful. What you need to deal with pet hair is a stiff brush. While using this tool to get rid of pet hair from rugs you should always make sure to brush in the direction of the nap of the rug to avoid any irreversible damage.

You should turn your rugs every year

Foot traffic can take a massive toll on area rugs in course of time. Along with that there are other factors as well. Because of all these factors certain areas of your area rug may suffer from severe stress. In order to ensure your rug does not run out of life prematurely you must turn your rugs at least once a year. This is the best way to even out the wear.

As far as small area rugs are concerned, shake those well

It is easier dealing with small area rugs. Just take it outside and shake it vigorously to get rid of the dirt and dust trapped in it. However shaking or beating a rug outdoors is prohibited by decree at certain places. So you should better check with your local codes first before getting in to the act suggest professionals experienced in providing rug cleaning Services.

Cleaning an area rug

There are certain varieties of area rugs that require special cleaning care. For easy reference it is a good idea to file away care tags for your rugs. A manufacturer’s recommendations are your best guide to deep clean any rug or carpet. The recommendations even tell you whether you can use a rug shampoo or a cleaning machine on a rug. Here are a few tried and tested tips to make your task easier.

Cleaning woven or braided rugs

With this kind of rugs you should always check the item both before and after cleaning for stitching breaks. It is also important to check the wash care label to ensure whether small braided rugs are washable. If the items are washable then you can place it in a mesh laundry bag or a zippered pillow case. Make sure to wash the item only in cool water on a gentle cycle. While washing you should keep rinsing it thoroughly. Lastly you can tumble dry it on a low setting.

On the other hand when you are tasked with cleaning a large braided rug, you should better place it on a concrete or vinyl floor. Alternatively it is okay to place an old blanket beneath it. Now gently sponge commercially manufactured products like carpet cleaning foam over the braided rug. Follow the directions of using the product while sponging. In the last step rinse or vacuum it. Now that cleaning is over it is important to allow it to dry thoroughly before using it again suggest experts experienced in providing rug cleaning service in London.

Cleaning antique, oriental rugs knotted by hand

Antique and Persian rugs are suitable for high traffic areas. In fact the range of items is widely used in kitchens. Cleaning this range of rugs obviously requires greater care and attention.

As the first step to cleaning you should vacuum your oriental rug. This is just you would do with a carpet or area rugs that are made of wool. When you are handling a rug that is delicate and vintage then you must be bit more cautious and careful. The same can be said while cleaning antique rugs. You should better protect the rug from the vacuum and for that you need to place a nylon screen over the rug. It is also important to weight it down with bricks or books.  

Make sure that you vacuum over the screen. Alternatively you may tie a piece of nylon mesh over the vacuum attachment. In that case you have to change the mesh frequently as dirt gets accumulated. Experts working at the Vip Carpet Cleaning London suggest you must get this range of rugs professionally cleaned once a year to extend their life.

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